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20099/2010 Shelly Awards Status

Okay, I've posted this over at Terra Firma where the most active collection of Farascape vidders can be found, but I'll recap here.

Last year there were only about 20 voters and fair fewer than that for nominators. There were 88 vids and most of the categories had 3 or 4 nominees. So far this year (if you go from 15 Dec 2008 until now), I know of 55 Farscape vids. These are solely the ones at TF. I suck and LJ search and don't do YouTube, so there very well may be more than that. I can't recall any posted to the Farscape Fanvid community that weren't posted at TF, but that doesn't mean that's true.

Now, 55 vids should be more than enough to provide 5 or more vids per category, but I'll admit I have not watched them all and my memory about their subjects is fuzzy at best.

I am thinking of putting together a 2009/10 awards that would start accepting nominations on 1 Feb (roughly). But first I do need to see where the vids break out.

Also for this year would be the retirement of a few categories (either due to lack of eligible vids or redundancy):

Microt and half a microt – over 5 and under 3 minutes
Won't Get Fooled Again – Credit parody
Have I Got Your Attention Now? – Recruitment
PK Tech Vid
1812 – Instrumental
Season of Death - Tragedy

I have also toyed with focusing on the vids and retiring the 2 Best Vidder categories. There are about 7-8 folks eligible for each. With just retiring the 7 above, that reduces the categories to 13. I think that's a more manageable number.

Nominating and voting would also last between 2 to 3 weeks rather than a whole month.

If anyone has any feedback, please feel free to post here. I really hate to put the Awards on hiatus. A part of me knows that Farscape is a waning fandom and the Awards can't last forever, but the other part of me knows this gets vidders some exposure for their work. I also think that having it in the 'dead of winter' rather than over the holidays is an improvement. :)

2008 Shelly Award Results are available

First off, congrats to everyone for another spectacular year of Farscape vids. Seriously, Scapers consistently produce the best vids on the web.

Second, thanks to all who took the time to nominate and vote. You make these awards possible.

Now on to the good stuff. Click here for the results. :D Banners will be coming in the next week due to some computer issues on my end I need to sort out. I'm still in denial that my primary computer is dead. LOL

In a few days I'll be posting about the future of the Awards.


Shelly 2008 voting OPEN until 10 Feb!!!

First off, thank you so much to the folks who nominated. Thanks to some last minute PMs of nominations, all categories are included. I was shocked that there weren't that many nominations for John vids as they and the J&A vids tend to make up the majority of what's posted.

Anyway, there are a great group of vids and I highly encourage everyone to go check them out. I didn't count, but I would estimate there are 65 vids for your consideration. You do not have to vote all at once, you can vote one category at a time. If you choose to vote over time, I would highly recommend you record which vid you voted for in which category in case your cookies get cleared. If you vote for more than one vid in a category, all votes will be deleted because despite my name I am not psychic and don't know which one you really wanted to vote for and your votes are not time stamped so I have no idea which one you voted for first.

Please, spread the word to as many Scapers as you can find. We want to share the Scaper love. goodvibes

Second, vidders - If you see errors in links, spelling, etc, let me know. I really do want to fix those, especially links and handles.

2008 Shelly voting

Thank you for your patience. When the voting is over and the results are out we'll discuss the future of the awards, but for now, go forth and enjoy some truly amazing vids. ;D

Oh, and folks, if you haven't already done so, please leave a review. They are very much appreciated, even on the older vids. innocent

Shelly deadline for nominations now 20 Jan!

Hey folks, please pass the word. The Shelly nominations period ends on 20 January, extended from 15 January because we are heading out of town and I won't be able to do anything with the database at the in-laws because of sketchy internet we borrow from the neighbors. I had a big bout of RL around the holidays and with move prep stuff I have forgotten to pimp the awards. I know there are many worthy vids out there for nomination that have not been nominated. There have only been 74 vids nominated. A fair number of categories only have 2 and most of the others only have 3.

Just given the response so far this year, I think that this may be the last year of the Shelly Awards. If folks aren't interested in nominating, I can't make them nominate and without enough vids, it doesn't make sense to do them.

What this does mean is that I may have to tweak categories around to get enough vids for a vote in some.

Also, the voting will be pushed back another week as well just to make it fair. Thanks for your cooperation with all the schedule changes. I think that folks who know me know that I don't like to do this sort of thing, but since I wouldn't be opening voting on the 16th, there was no point in not giving folks more time to nominate.

Please, spread the word to Farscape vid fans. :)

Shelly Nominations open!

Okay folks, the long wait is over. veryhappy

Nominations went live last night. I haven't actually nominated anything yet, but nothing in the software has changed from last year, so there should be no issues.

Click here to nominate.

Nominations will be open for one month, so they will end at the end of the day on the 14th of January as it turns into 15 January on the West coast of the US. For a full list of the FAQs, click here. The short version is here:

1. Vids have to have been released to the web initially during the period from 1 Dec 2007 to 14 Dec 2008 and can't have been nominated before.

2. You can only nominate one vid per category, but you do not have to do all your nominations at the same time. I suggest you keep a list of what you nominated in case you clear cookies. If a person nominates more than one vid per category, all those nominations will be deleted and then I need to answer questions from vidders about where their nomination went and that is not a pleasant thing to do because of how disappointed a vidder gets. :(

3. A list of vids can be found here. This list is not all inclusive, but encompasses all the vids I found. If there are others, let me know so I can add them.

4. If you know the vidders email, please use it. If not please use dummy @ craisie.com. This will allow me to forward emails to vidders. TF vidders, if I added your vids to the list, I did not add your email to the list. If you would like me to add it so that you can receive your nominations directly, please let me know.

5. Please check the FAQ for the list of vidders who are not eligible for Coup By Clam (Lifetime Achievement).

Please let me know if you have any questions that aren't answered in the FAQ or if you find something wonky in the script. :) Good luck to all and thanks to all Scapers for the wonderful vids they did this year. Scapers as a whole have the best fanvids on the web.

And please pass the word to find as many Farscape fans as possible.

Scour for more vids in progress

Okay folks, all the eligible vids that were posted on Terra Firma and farscapevidders  have been added to the database.

If you know of other vids on LJ or YouTube or anywhere else on the web, please contact me through either PM, the email on the Shelly Awards site, or by replying here. I want this list to be as inclusive as possible. No vid hosted with a permanent link that was released during the time frame will be ineligible (unless of course it has plagiarized another vid).

Thanks for your cooperation and good luck to all. :)


One week until Nominations open!!!

Yes folks, we are at the one week point. This means that if you have a vid in progress you want to finish, you need to have it posted to the web by 14 December at midnight.

I currently have a list of 70 vids that have been done this year. That just encompasses those posted at Terra Firma. If you or someone you know has posted a vid between 1 December 2007 and 14 December 2008 point them here so they can either get the info to me or get the information to add their vid to the database of 2008 vids.

A note on that database, a vid does not need to be listed in the database to be eligible. The database is merely a tool to help nominators find vids that are posted all over the net. The only thing a vid needs to be eligible other than posted in the correct time frame is to have a permanent link. Megaupload hosted vids don't count because those links expire. Please contact me if you need information on where to post a vid to get a permanent link.

Anyway, good luck to all. :D

Shelly Nominations to open 15 Dec! - and final call for input

Okay vidders and vid watchers, this serves as the official announcement. :D

Beginning 15 Dec 2008 at Midnight GMT (I might have to check the time on the server) nominations for the 2008 Shellys will begin. veryhappy

A quick rundown:

1. Vids posted to the net between 1 Dec 2007 and 14 Dec 2008 will be eligible for nomination.

2. The categories from last year will be used this year.

3. All vidders are encouraged to put their vids into the Shelly 2008 Eligible Vid list. It is not mandatory and as time permits I may be able to add some in. If you want to put your vids in, please PM me so I can give you the password. :) Some guidance on that:
  • Please use a valid email. The emails will be removed after nominating. If you don't want to put it in the form, please use dummy@craisie.com so I can make sure you do get notified of your nomination(s) or type it out in the summary. I do have a no robots on this page so that should defer most of them and it's not a top level page.
  • If you have your video hosted someplace that has links that expire, let me know and I can host them for you. It behooves you to link to a page where folks can leave reviews, such as Terra Firma or your LJ or some other archive site. If your vid link doesn't work when nominations end, it won't be eligible to move on to voting.

Now, I'm looking for input for this year. Last year we did premiere a couple of new categories to try to give vids that didn't feature John their own time in the spotlight. Those will be back. If anyone can think of categories that should either be added or removed, this is the time to say something. Provisions are set up to combine certain categories in the event of not enough nominations - such as Won't Get Fooled Again (the credit spoof) to be combined with Half a Microt.

Everything on the site should be working (other than the fact that nominations are not yet open).

If you have any questions, please ask. Also, please feel free to advertise this around the web. I want as many Farscape vidders as possible to participate in this.

Voting is closed - results soon

Okay, folks. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. We had a pretty good turnout this year.

I've verified the votes and things went pretty well this year. Good job to all.

While 3 categories did meet the 5 or more in the top 3, one had all 6, one had 5 or 6 and one had 5 of a lot more than 6. Since there would really only be one category that would experience a lot of change from a round 2, I've made the executive decision to forgo that. I plan to spend today finishing up the banners (the templates are done) and once those are done and uploaded, the results will be published.

Thanks again to everyone who participated. You make these awards possible by making the vids, viewing them and nominating/voting for them. :D