November 12th, 2006

Sc party

Welcome to the Shelly Awards!

Okay folks, rather than spam my own journal with Shelly news, I've decided to created a LJ for Shelly updates. :D Join the community to keep abrest of Shelly news.

In Shelly news:

Nominations: 1-31 Dec (though it may be extended if folks need more time)

Voting: Round 1 - 1-15 Jan (Due to holiday travel, the voting window may shift right)
              Round 2 - 17-24 Jan (if required for more crowded categories)

Results:  Out within a couple of days of the voting closing.

Shelly Awards

Eligible vids: Any vid released on the net between 1 Nov 2005 and 30 Nov 2006. The list can be downloaded here or it is posted on the site, sorted by Vid Title and Vidder. That list will be updated periodically to add descriptions and any other corrections. It will be posted on the site soon. Vidders in red are the new vidders eligible for Natural Election. If you see any errors in the list, please notify me either here or by email.

As of right now, I have 367 vids from 99 vidders nominated and there are still a couple weeks to go. Great job Scapers!

One final thing. If you would like your site added to the links bar on the LJ, let me know. Also, I am accepting 120x50 pixel banners for the rotation on the Shelly website itself.