December 4th, 2006

J shocked

Email reminder

Just for any that may not have seen it, I have compiled a list of vidder emails on the Shelly site. Please, take a look at that before you nominate. All but a handful of vidders have emails listed.

While I don't mind notifying nominees manually, once i start my trek across country on 12 December, I will have limited internet connectivity and may not get everyone notified in a timely manner. This becomes important if a vid is nominated in a category it doesn't qualify for, or if a vidder wants to decline a nomination. Obviously, the database needs to be cleaned up before voting and I would hate for a vidder to notify me after voting opens they don't want a vid nominated as folks may lose their votes. :(

So, please, take a minute a see if the vidders email is on the list. If not, don't worry about it. I have contact info for I think all of those with missing emails on the list.