December 5th, 2006

Cr trust

Vid descriptions

I just did a whole mess of vid description updates. Most came from Terra Firma and some from Farscape Fantasy. I know I have links to all the vids, but some writeups don't really give a description and there were quite a few to go through. If you find your vid is one of the ones without description and you would like one. Please, email me or reply here and I'll get it added in. The descriptions will be useful for folks who need to jog their memory. :D

Also, if you would like your description modified, contact me as well. You are the vidder. Try to keep it reasonably short, about one sentence. Basically, the longer ones there now are about as long as I'd like to go. I don't really want anything over 2 lines just to keep the table reasonably streamlined.

Currently, there are 379 eligible vids that I know of. If you know of a vid that's not on the list that is eligible, please, let me know. I'm more than happy to add new vids in. :D

Also, if anyone would like to volunteer to be the nominee police (ie, make sure vids nominated fit the category), let me know. I can get you up to speed in the next week. It would be nice if you were on YIM, but I'm willing to install another client or figure out how to cross platform IM. I do ask that you have completed your nominations, but that's not a hard requirement.