December 23rd, 2006

Cr trust

LIttle more than a week

Hey, folks, sorry I've been MIA. Travels have been as good as can be expected and we really haven't hit any weather on the drive.

Now, there is a little more than a week to go for Shelly Nominations. :D It's a great way to spend that dead time between Chrristmas and New Year's as you are recovering from your food coma and an overdose of family. *wink* There have been more than 200 nominations so far. I'll be going through them at the inlaws and sending out notifications to those who did not have an email listed. If you wish to decline the nomination after receiving the email, let me know.

Also, a handful of vids have had their noms removed either from vidder request or because they didn't fit the category criteria. Many thanks to jagwriter78 for helping out with that. :D If any vidder has questions about which of their vids has been nommed, let me know via email: shelly (at) and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible (pray the inlaws' neighbors have internet we can 'borrow'.