January 7th, 2007

Ch unbelievable

Shelly Award Voting Now Open!!

Hey folks, the stars have finally aligned and voting is now open. It got delayed partly by my own 'couldn't remember exactly what I did last year and didn't think to write it down' sense and partly because of a very minor coding issue that LithiumDoll looked into, but was unable to find the issue in her limited amount of time, but I found a work around.


Shelly Award Voting open until 25 Jan!!!!

There are links to all the vids and this is open to all. You didn't have to nominate to vote. All Scapers are encouraged to vote.


Some common questions:

1. Do I have to vote in all categories at once?
No. You can vote in them one at a time or a few at a time and come back later for the rest. :D

2. Do I have to vote in all categories?
No. You can just vote in those that interest you. I do ask that you be fair to all nominees and watch all the nominated vids in a category. While you might think one vid is your hands down favorite, you may find that you have overlooked a real gem.

3. Can I tell others about the awards?
YES!!! By all means, spread the news. Go forth to BBS, LJ, MySpace, blogs and mailing lists and let folks who are interested in Farscape Vids know that the cream of the crop have been nominated for an award and folks should go check them out. The only thing I do ask is that you don't around begging for votes for a particular vid. If I feel there has been an effort to stuff the ballot box, a vid may be disqualified, even if the vidder wasn't involved in this effort and I would really, really hate to do that.

Vidders, you can tell folks to check out your vids that are nominated, but don't strongarm folks into voting for you without considering the competition. Remember, no physical prize is being awarded and I think that even being nominated is huge as that means that some Scaper really enjoyed your work.

4. When will results be posted?
Good question. There are several categories with double digit nominations (there were 219 individual nominations this year). If the voting in those is close and there is a clear split with the top 5-8 vids, those will go on to a second round of voting which will last a week and results will be posted after that. So, the results could come out as early as the 26th of Jan or as late as about the 4th of February.

5. What happened to the list of last year's winners?
If you poke around the site, you will notice that's not working right now. That was the minor snafu. I had to copy last year's winners to a different database and I will compile that list and go ahead and post it once I have time to code it up. Hopefully later today, but we'll see. :D

6. I nominated a vid, but it isn't in voting. Where did it go?
One of two things happened. The vidder declined the nomination or the vid was nominated in the wrong category. If you feel it was incorrectly deleted, let me know and I'll address this with you privately.

That's all for now. Feel free to ask any questions you might have about voting. And thank you for your patience.