January 25th, 2007

Cr questioning

Shelly Voting now closed

First off, I'd like to thank all those who voted. From what I saw, it looked like we had a good number of participants this year. :D For those who might have missed out, there may be a second round of voting you can participate in.

I noticed one irregularity in a quick glance at the numbers and am going to investigate that. I should have an idea tonight which categories may require a second round and will work to get that set up so that it can open as soon as possible. :D

Because I'm a knucklehead, I stayed up late last night and it looks like 4 categories will need a second round. I used the criteria of 5 or more vote getters in the top 3. That seemed the most fair and is likely to continue into next year. This way, there is only one tie within a category rather than the possibility of all 3 tying or if there are 3-4 vids tied for a place.