February 4th, 2007

Sc party

2006 Shelly Results now posted!!!

Yes, folks, through the wonders of "I don't feel like unpacking", the results and winners' banners are now up. ;D

Congrats to all nominated and all the winners. There were some truly fantastic vids to choose from this year and I know that I am not the only one who had a hard time choosing which I wanted to vote for. It was a fantastic turnout with more than 50 folks coming by to vote. Way to go Scapers.

Winners' list

Remember, there were two rounds, but there is a link to each round at the top of the other.

Additionally, just like the Fanfic writers have a Hall of Fame, the Vidders now have a Hall of Fame, too. There are 6 vidders who have met the criteria: Dallascaper, HumansRSuperior, jagwriter78, Leviathan, LithiumDoll and LT Garrix. Congrats to all for the excellent work they have done over the years.

Farscape Vidders Hall of Fame

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