October 28th, 2007

Ch devious

Shelly update - Nominations begin 1 Dec

Okay, so this is the first status update for the 2007 Awards. First off, there were a few minor changes made from last year.

  • Addition of sortable, searchable database of vids where vidders can enter their vids. I will enter vids not entered by the vidder, but there won't be a summary on those. Contact me for the password via email.
  • Redefine Half a Microt and Won't Get Fooled Again to be mutually exclusive. They may be recombined for voting if there aren't enough nominees (which looks possible at this point).
  • Define penalties for those caught 'stuffing the ballot box' in that stuffed votes will be deleted.
  • Define rules for Round 2 voting to: "Any category that has 5 or more vids in the top three places will proceed to a second round of voting."
  • Create A Human Reaction category for John-centric vids, Mental as Anything for the guys and Brining Home the Beacon for the gals. These would be mutually exclusive with Suns and Lovers, Thanks for Sharing, and Destiny's Couple. It also gives a chance for all the non-John-centric vids a chance to shine on their own. Out of Their Minds is tentatively retired, but if there aren't enough vids for separate male and female categories, they will be recombined to OoTM.
  • Removal of What the Frell? All the vids in there really fit in elsewhere, so the category really doesn't serve a good purpose.
  • Define Natural Election and Coup By Clam to be mutually exclusive.
If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to let me know. This is the time of year they will be taken. Once the nominations start, it's pretty much too late for changes. I'll post here periodically with updates. Also, look for some changes in the appearance of the site. I feel it's time for an update and hope to work on that after the Burbank con.