November 23rd, 2007

J astronaut

Shelly Awards are nearly here

Okay, folks, I know it has been a long time since I've darkened your flists, but the time has come.

Starting on December 1, the Shellys will be open for nominations. Eligible is any vid released on the web from 1 December 2006 to 30 November 2007 that was not nominated last year. A couple released in the first few days of December were nominated, so they will not be eligible this year.

So... what's up with the awards.

Well, most of it is the same as last year. The changes are relatively minor.

1. What the Frell? was retired because there really aren't any vids that didn't fit in a category or some sort.

2. Out of Their Minds has been broken down into three categories:
    a. A Human Reaction for John-centric vids
    b. Mental As Anything for vids showcasing one of the guys
    c. Bringing Home the Beacon for vids showcasing one of the girls.
As usual, vids in these categories will be mutually exclusive with ones from Destiny's Couple, Thanks for Sharing or Suns and Lovers.

3. Half a Microt and Won't Get Fooled Again are mutually exclusive with each this year, though if there aren't enough in WGFA it will be folded into HAM.

And a big change is a new sortable, searchable database of eligible vids. This list is NOT all inclusive, but represents the vids I know of. If your vid(s) isn't on it and you would like me to add it, email me and we can work out the details. I can give you the password to enter your own, or I can add it, but to be fair to folks, I'm not adding summaries, just the pertinent nominating details. Vidders are on tap to write their own 100 word or less summaries. But this is much better than the old Excel based spreadsheet of years past.

Please, feel free to pimp the awards, but be considerate to other vidders and don't go around telling folks to nominate or vote for you specifically. To do so constitutes stuffing the ballot box. It is perfectly fine to post a list of your eligible vids on your LJ or other site and even to suggest categories you think they might fit into. And when voting opens, it's fine to let folks know you have vids nominated and that they should go check out the awards, but please refrain from recruiting folks to stuff the box in your favor.

Good luck to all. There were many fantastic vids created this year, as we have every year. :D