December 20th, 2007

A frustrated

Please standby....

Okay, the site is experiencing some technical difficulties. I can still get on the main site, but the database side of things is having problems. Overall, I'm having problems accessing the backstage side of things. I can't log into my FrontEnd and navigate, I can't log into the awards script (which is in the database) and I can't get into the database. I'm searching around with the host and will ask them about it and hope to everything sorted out soon. They have really good customer service.

I'll post again when everything is up. If it's a long delay, I don't expect this to affect the deadline because you can still look at the categories and go through vids to decide which ones you want to nominate.

If this is going to cause big problems, let me know (such as you are going out of town and have to nominate today). We can work out where you email me and manually input the nominations.

ETA: The problem was fixed almost as soon as I posted this. LOL