phoenix (ltgarrix) wrote in shellyawards,

Shelly Nominations to open 15 Dec! - and final call for input

Okay vidders and vid watchers, this serves as the official announcement. :D

Beginning 15 Dec 2008 at Midnight GMT (I might have to check the time on the server) nominations for the 2008 Shellys will begin. veryhappy

A quick rundown:

1. Vids posted to the net between 1 Dec 2007 and 14 Dec 2008 will be eligible for nomination.

2. The categories from last year will be used this year.

3. All vidders are encouraged to put their vids into the Shelly 2008 Eligible Vid list. It is not mandatory and as time permits I may be able to add some in. If you want to put your vids in, please PM me so I can give you the password. :) Some guidance on that:
  • Please use a valid email. The emails will be removed after nominating. If you don't want to put it in the form, please use so I can make sure you do get notified of your nomination(s) or type it out in the summary. I do have a no robots on this page so that should defer most of them and it's not a top level page.
  • If you have your video hosted someplace that has links that expire, let me know and I can host them for you. It behooves you to link to a page where folks can leave reviews, such as Terra Firma or your LJ or some other archive site. If your vid link doesn't work when nominations end, it won't be eligible to move on to voting.

Now, I'm looking for input for this year. Last year we did premiere a couple of new categories to try to give vids that didn't feature John their own time in the spotlight. Those will be back. If anyone can think of categories that should either be added or removed, this is the time to say something. Provisions are set up to combine certain categories in the event of not enough nominations - such as Won't Get Fooled Again (the credit spoof) to be combined with Half a Microt.

Everything on the site should be working (other than the fact that nominations are not yet open).

If you have any questions, please ask. Also, please feel free to advertise this around the web. I want as many Farscape vidders as possible to participate in this.

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