phoenix (ltgarrix) wrote in shellyawards,

Shelly deadline for nominations now 20 Jan!

Hey folks, please pass the word. The Shelly nominations period ends on 20 January, extended from 15 January because we are heading out of town and I won't be able to do anything with the database at the in-laws because of sketchy internet we borrow from the neighbors. I had a big bout of RL around the holidays and with move prep stuff I have forgotten to pimp the awards. I know there are many worthy vids out there for nomination that have not been nominated. There have only been 74 vids nominated. A fair number of categories only have 2 and most of the others only have 3.

Just given the response so far this year, I think that this may be the last year of the Shelly Awards. If folks aren't interested in nominating, I can't make them nominate and without enough vids, it doesn't make sense to do them.

What this does mean is that I may have to tweak categories around to get enough vids for a vote in some.

Also, the voting will be pushed back another week as well just to make it fair. Thanks for your cooperation with all the schedule changes. I think that folks who know me know that I don't like to do this sort of thing, but since I wouldn't be opening voting on the 16th, there was no point in not giving folks more time to nominate.

Please, spread the word to Farscape vid fans. :)

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