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20099/2010 Shelly Awards Status

Okay, I've posted this over at Terra Firma where the most active collection of Farascape vidders can be found, but I'll recap here.

Last year there were only about 20 voters and fair fewer than that for nominators. There were 88 vids and most of the categories had 3 or 4 nominees. So far this year (if you go from 15 Dec 2008 until now), I know of 55 Farscape vids. These are solely the ones at TF. I suck and LJ search and don't do YouTube, so there very well may be more than that. I can't recall any posted to the Farscape Fanvid community that weren't posted at TF, but that doesn't mean that's true.

Now, 55 vids should be more than enough to provide 5 or more vids per category, but I'll admit I have not watched them all and my memory about their subjects is fuzzy at best.

I am thinking of putting together a 2009/10 awards that would start accepting nominations on 1 Feb (roughly). But first I do need to see where the vids break out.

Also for this year would be the retirement of a few categories (either due to lack of eligible vids or redundancy):

Microt and half a microt – over 5 and under 3 minutes
Won't Get Fooled Again – Credit parody
Have I Got Your Attention Now? – Recruitment
PK Tech Vid
1812 – Instrumental
Season of Death - Tragedy

I have also toyed with focusing on the vids and retiring the 2 Best Vidder categories. There are about 7-8 folks eligible for each. With just retiring the 7 above, that reduces the categories to 13. I think that's a more manageable number.

Nominating and voting would also last between 2 to 3 weeks rather than a whole month.

If anyone has any feedback, please feel free to post here. I really hate to put the Awards on hiatus. A part of me knows that Farscape is a waning fandom and the Awards can't last forever, but the other part of me knows this gets vidders some exposure for their work. I also think that having it in the 'dead of winter' rather than over the holidays is an improvement. :)

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