Voting ends in less than 2 days

Yes, folks, time is running out. If you haven't yet finished your voting, you have less than 2 days. Due to request of folks on the US West coast, voting will be closing midnight Pacific time or 3am Eastern time and 8am GMT on the 22nd.

I will be spending the 22nd sorting through the votes to make sure there's no funny business and setting up Round 2 if required. If there is a round 2, there will be a one week voting window from when I open it, so be sure to check back here so you have the full week to consider any vids for Round 2 voting. If there is no Round 2, winners will be announced as soon as I have it all sorted out. Banners should be up shortly after that point as I hope to have the basic templates done (something different from last year, though I did like those).

Please support the vidders who spend countless hours producing these wonderful pieces of work. If you don't have time to vote in all categories, pick one or two that you can get through.

Also, please take a moment to comment on the vid if you have not done so. Vidders love to hear what folks think of their work. It doesn't have to be anything deep and analytical - even a simple 'I really enjoyed this vid' means the world to the vidders.

So, stop on over to Shelly Awards and get your votes in. :D And spread the word.

Voting now open

Okay folks, I had an easy time cleaning up the nominations. Thanks to everyone who did such a conscientious job nominating.

Voting is open until the 21st at midnight GMT, though I am considering making that midnight PST if there is interest in that.

The look of the page has changed a little bit thanks to help from jagwriter78. Everything is done in the awards script and not in the frames pages anymore.

For the nominees, I'm working on the banners and will post here when they are done. Congrats to everyone who had a vid nominated, it will be a difficult job to vote this year because of all the awesome and amazing vids Scapers made. Y'all rock!!!!
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Don't forget to nominate!!!

Okay folks, nominations close 31 Dec!!!! That means you have a little more than a week to finish up. So please, stop by the Nominating page and nominate your favorite vids. You don't have to be a vidder, you don't have to nominate all at once and you don't have to nominate for every category. :)

Also, I have figured out how to get the names for those eligible for 'Natural Election' to turn red. If you sort by Vidder it will also bring them all up to the top of the page due to the color coding in the database.
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Please standby....

Okay, the site is experiencing some technical difficulties. I can still get on the main site, but the database side of things is having problems. Overall, I'm having problems accessing the backstage side of things. I can't log into my FrontEnd and navigate, I can't log into the awards script (which is in the database) and I can't get into the database. I'm searching around with the host and will ask them about it and hope to everything sorted out soon. They have really good customer service.

I'll post again when everything is up. If it's a long delay, I don't expect this to affect the deadline because you can still look at the categories and go through vids to decide which ones you want to nominate.

If this is going to cause big problems, let me know (such as you are going out of town and have to nominate today). We can work out where you email me and manually input the nominations.

ETA: The problem was fixed almost as soon as I posted this. LOL
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Awards now open for nominating

Okay, folks, the time has come. Nominations are now open. You have until midnight GMT on 31 December to finish your noms. Remember, only one vid per category.

If you click Shelly Awards, you can see the link to the eligible vids and the 'Nominating' page. And please, if you are watching vids to decide which ones to nominate and haven't left a review for the vidder, it would be greatly appreciated if you would do so at this time. Reviews are the only feedback vidders get and keep them motivated to keep producing the wonderful vids that you enjoy year after year.
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Shelly Awards are nearly here

Okay, folks, I know it has been a long time since I've darkened your flists, but the time has come.

Starting on December 1, the Shellys will be open for nominations. Eligible is any vid released on the web from 1 December 2006 to 30 November 2007 that was not nominated last year. A couple released in the first few days of December were nominated, so they will not be eligible this year.

So... what's up with the awards.

Well, most of it is the same as last year. The changes are relatively minor.

1. What the Frell? was retired because there really aren't any vids that didn't fit in a category or some sort.

2. Out of Their Minds has been broken down into three categories:
    a. A Human Reaction for John-centric vids
    b. Mental As Anything for vids showcasing one of the guys
    c. Bringing Home the Beacon for vids showcasing one of the girls.
As usual, vids in these categories will be mutually exclusive with ones from Destiny's Couple, Thanks for Sharing or Suns and Lovers.

3. Half a Microt and Won't Get Fooled Again are mutually exclusive with each this year, though if there aren't enough in WGFA it will be folded into HAM.

And a big change is a new sortable, searchable database of eligible vids. This list is NOT all inclusive, but represents the vids I know of. If your vid(s) isn't on it and you would like me to add it, email me and we can work out the details. I can give you the password to enter your own, or I can add it, but to be fair to folks, I'm not adding summaries, just the pertinent nominating details. Vidders are on tap to write their own 100 word or less summaries. But this is much better than the old Excel based spreadsheet of years past.

Please, feel free to pimp the awards, but be considerate to other vidders and don't go around telling folks to nominate or vote for you specifically. To do so constitutes stuffing the ballot box. It is perfectly fine to post a list of your eligible vids on your LJ or other site and even to suggest categories you think they might fit into. And when voting opens, it's fine to let folks know you have vids nominated and that they should go check out the awards, but please refrain from recruiting folks to stuff the box in your favor.

Good luck to all. There were many fantastic vids created this year, as we have every year. :D
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Shelly update - Nominations begin 1 Dec

Okay, so this is the first status update for the 2007 Awards. First off, there were a few minor changes made from last year.

  • Addition of sortable, searchable database of vids where vidders can enter their vids. I will enter vids not entered by the vidder, but there won't be a summary on those. Contact me for the password via email.
  • Redefine Half a Microt and Won't Get Fooled Again to be mutually exclusive. They may be recombined for voting if there aren't enough nominees (which looks possible at this point).
  • Define penalties for those caught 'stuffing the ballot box' in that stuffed votes will be deleted.
  • Define rules for Round 2 voting to: "Any category that has 5 or more vids in the top three places will proceed to a second round of voting."
  • Create A Human Reaction category for John-centric vids, Mental as Anything for the guys and Brining Home the Beacon for the gals. These would be mutually exclusive with Suns and Lovers, Thanks for Sharing, and Destiny's Couple. It also gives a chance for all the non-John-centric vids a chance to shine on their own. Out of Their Minds is tentatively retired, but if there aren't enough vids for separate male and female categories, they will be recombined to OoTM.
  • Removal of What the Frell? All the vids in there really fit in elsewhere, so the category really doesn't serve a good purpose.
  • Define Natural Election and Coup By Clam to be mutually exclusive.
If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to let me know. This is the time of year they will be taken. Once the nominations start, it's pretty much too late for changes. I'll post here periodically with updates. Also, look for some changes in the appearance of the site. I feel it's time for an update and hope to work on that after the Burbank con.

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2006 Shelly Results now posted!!!

Yes, folks, through the wonders of "I don't feel like unpacking", the results and winners' banners are now up. ;D

Congrats to all nominated and all the winners. There were some truly fantastic vids to choose from this year and I know that I am not the only one who had a hard time choosing which I wanted to vote for. It was a fantastic turnout with more than 50 folks coming by to vote. Way to go Scapers.

Winners' list

Remember, there were two rounds, but there is a link to each round at the top of the other.

Additionally, just like the Fanfic writers have a Hall of Fame, the Vidders now have a Hall of Fame, too. There are 6 vidders who have met the criteria: Dallascaper, HumansRSuperior, jagwriter78, Leviathan, LithiumDoll and LT Garrix. Congrats to all for the excellent work they have done over the years.

Farscape Vidders Hall of Fame

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Shelly Hall of Fame

Hey, folks, sorry for the redundancy for those that have seen this on Terra Firma.

When asking for ideas for next year, someone brought up a Hall of Fame, similar to what the fanfic awards have. Now, because of the differences in vidding, and the fact that most vidders are productive for about 2 years, we were exploring different options. The two involve:

1. A vidder is required to have a certain number of top 3 finishes over a minimum of 5 categories. The minimum number is somewhere around 10 or 12.

2. Reward vids that finish higher. 3 pts for first, 2 for second, 1 for third. A vidder would then have to have a certain number of points in a minimum of 5 categories to qualify. Number crunching sets 20 as a pretty good number.

Please, check out the poll at TF and leave a vote. It is only open for a couple of days, but I might extend that. I just wanted to get a feeler out before the 2006 winners are announced in the thought of announcing HOF inductees at the same time if folks think it's a good idea. If you don't like it, let me know that, too. :D
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Round 2 voting open until 3 Feb

Yes, folks, you have until 3 Feb to make your votes for the second round of voting.


Yes, I realize I'm yelling. There are folks out there who seem not to have gotten the message, though it is in the FAQs and it's even in the sidebar on the voting page. It doesn't do any good to vote more than once, so don't do it. You are just wasting your time and mine. There are rules for a reason and I do ask that they be followed. Not following the rules will not be rewarded and in most cases will be penalized.

I hate being a hardass, but I won't let a cheater be a winner when there are folks who have followed the rules and had their vids legitimately voted to the top. I will be changing the rules for next year to outline penalties for cheating. I hadn't hope to have to do that as Scapers generally set themselves to higher standards than the rest of fandoms, but there are always a few that have to go ruin it for the rest of us.

And honestly folks, this is a fan appreciation award. How would you feel winning if you knew that it was you and your cronies voting your vid to the top instead of the greater viewership? It would be a hallow award. Is having a little banner that important to you?

Also, I have a few rule changes for next year. If you think of any others, let me know and I'll consider them. :D

tentative changes include:

-Redefine Half a Microt and Won't Get Fooled Again to be mutually exclusive
-Define penalties for those caught 'stuffing the ballot box' (I really wish I didn't have to do that one).
-Define rules for Round 2 voting to: "Any category that has 5 or more vids in the top three places will proceed to a second round of voting."